MDR Travel
Mar 11, 2014 Travel agencies

Airline tickets - USA to any destination, Sofia to any destination

Mar 11, 2014 Media

The TV Channel of the Bulgarians in the USA & Canada

Mar 13, 2014 Media

The TV Channel of the Ukrainians in the USA & Canada

BG7 Radio
Mar 13, 2014 ROOT

Bulgarian Radio Program - USA & Canada

Magic Auto
Mar 14, 2014 Auto Repair

Complete Auto Repair

Maktrans LogisticsTruck Transportation
Brite LogisticsTruck Transportation
UA9 TVMedia
Zneimer & Zneimer , P.C.Legal Services

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Bulgarian Organizations & Centers

Bulgarian Center "Rodina"

Bulgarian Cultural Center
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First Bulgarian Center in Chicago

Bulgarian Cultural Center Since 1998-Various Services
Mar 15, 2014 Clicks: 7 Pagerank: 3 Comments


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August 2014


"The Bulgarian Connection" Luxury Business Directory is serving the Bulgarians in the USA & Canada. It is the only directory of its kind, published since 2006. This glossy color paper directory is distributed in the USA & Canada. The main office is in Chicago, USA. "The Bulgarian Connection" is prestigious for the Bulgarian community and for the businesses featured in it.

What we do

We provide a media environment for the Bulgarians in the USA & Canada, so that they can easily exchange info & ideas. We have been doing that since 2001 with integrity, loyalty and professionalism. Our great successes in the ethnic media area dramatically enhanced the development of the Bulgarian community in the USA & Canada (and mainly in Chicago). On the other hand we help businesses to get the Bulgarians moving towards their goods and services.

Who we are

We serve the Bulgarian community in the USA & Canada since 2001. We work in all popular media formats: print, electronic, audio, video etc.Besides "The Bulgarian Connection", we publish "Bulgaria SEGA" newspaper - 72 pages, weekly, color; BG7 Radio; BG7 TV etc.Our media products are leaders in their categories and overall we offer the best marketing vehicles for businesses, which are targeting bulgarian consumers.

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SM Media Group LLC.

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